Set Project Info With Dynamo


This post is going to look at setting Project Information Parameters using Revit. I didn’t find much on the line when I set out to do this so I thought I’d share. Project information is found as an element type. Select the Element Type and All Elements of a type nodes.


With the Set Parameter By Name node and input the name of the Project Info Parameter and the value. You may need to check the parameter type. For instance, in the image below, I’m setting Project Number which is a text based parameter so the input needs to be text and not a number.


I went ahead and made this a custom node and posted it in the package manager under WC BIM. It’s my first package but expect more. Here’s a look at that.

Set Project Info Parameter.dyf


Workspace view


If you need to update multiple Project Information Parameters at the same time, use the List Combine Node.




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