Revit Gapped Grids

This post is going to cover creating gapped column grids. I had not noticed this as a feature so I thought it was worth sharing in case there were others who had not noticed this in the Advanced Sample Revit Project. Column grids 4, 5, & 6 are gapped.

2 - Floor Plan


When you select them, they’re one continuous grid line.

1 - Floor Plan - Continuous Grid

There are two different grid types called “6.5mm Bubble Gap” and “6.5mm Bubble. In the type properties there is a parameter called “Center Segment” The Gapped gridline is set to none. When you set this parameter to none, a new parameter shows up called “End Segment Length” This controls the length of the gapped line.

3 - Type Properties Comparrison

Here’s a look at the parameters and what they do. Starting with having Center Segment set to “Continuous”

4 - Parameters

Continuous Grid Properties

5 - Override Line Types

Gapped Grid Line

6 - Gapped Grid

Gapped Grid Line Overridden

7 - Gapped Grid Overridden

Custom Grid Line

8 - Custom

Custom Grid Line Overridden

9 - Custom Overridden

Grid Head Control

10 - Grid Heads

Grid Head Overridden

11 - Grid Heads Overridden

I haven’t really found many times where I’ve used these features but hopefully this helps someone out there. That’s all for now.